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Campaign Zero Research Library

A useful and easy-to-navigate collection of research articles and statistics covering the ten intervention points advocated by Campaign Zero including: ending broken windows policing, limiting use of force, community oversight, independent prosecution of police killings, body cameras and police training.

Risk of Police-Involved Death by Race/Ethnicity and Place, United States, 2012–2018  [July 2018]

Across the country, black men are over three times more likely to be killed by police than white men, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. In an analysis of all male homicides between 2012 and 2018, 8 percent occurred at the hands of police, researchers found.

Police Violence Report

Compiling information from media reports, obituaries, public records, and databases like Fatal Encounters and the WashingtonPost, this report represents the most comprehensive accounting of deadly police violence in 2017.

Race and Policing Research Library

Features a reference list of peer-reviewed articles and direct access (no paywall) to select research articles illuminating how racial bias effects policing and other aspects of law enforcement.

The Relationship Between Structural Racism and Black-White Disparities in Fatal Police Shootings at the State Level [April 2018]

Reported in the Journal of the National Medical Association, the objective of this study was to discern the relationship between state-level structural racism and Black-White disparities in police shootings of victims not known to be armed. After controlling for numerous state-level factors and for the underlying rate of fatal shootings of black victims in each state, the state racism index was a significant predictor of the Black-White disparity in police shooting rates of victims not known to be armed